"It's a natural and powerful, safe and gentle, hands-on healing art that restores a person’s life".
Reach all levels of Reiki Healing with Infused Beauty Bar
Course | $350
Reach all levels of Reiki from level one to your masters. This is a one on one detailed course that offers three hours ongoing of training and theory. Every individual receives a take home manual on Reiki to be able to self teach once the course is completed. A certification is given upon completion.
Individual Healing Session | $100
An ancient Japanese,  form of spiritual healing using “universal life energy” channeled through me the practitioner to the recipient. 

Reiki Healing

Soul to Soul Healing

When we think Reiki we think healing, but Reiki is not just about healing it's also about having a positive mind and healthy body.
 However, it's not promised that Reiki is a miraculous cure for all. A person has to want to be well and needs to make some lifestyle changes so the source of stress and negative emotion doesn’t recur.
We all want to feel balanced, but It takes time for physical, emotional, mental, and your spiritual self to be brought back into balance.

Bring your life to a balance