Mini Pumpkin Mask is highly rejuvenating and brightening as it prevents breakouts and assists with the release of comedones. the rich antioxidant benefits infuse the skin with essential anti-inflammatory benefits for healthy, radiant skin!


Mini Pumpkin Mask

    • Pumpkin pul - rich in natural enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells while infusing the skin with restorative and protective antioxidants
    • Mandelic acid - taken from bitter almond extract, this natural ingredients brightens the complexion and balances the skin to combat acne and aging
    • Lactic acid - this alpha hydroxy acid inhibits pigmentation issues and brightens the skin; also provides gentle hydration
  • Apply a dime sized amount to the entire face. leave for 5-10 minutes and remove with warm water. skin may become slightly red but will quickly subside to reveal bright new skin. apply moisturizer immediately.