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Lash Lift & Tint Combo   $80 | 30 mins

Enhance your beautiful natural lashes with a lift and tint! The newest in semi-permanent lash curling that works with your natural lashes. Lash Lift uses different sizes of silicone pads and each lash is “lifted” individually, creating the most perfect curl for your lash length. With the lash lift and tint your lashes will immediately appear fuller and longer!



Lash Lift  $70 | 20  mins

Tired of using your lash curler? Lash Lift gives you the pleasure of having curled and lifted lashes without having to use your curler every single day! This procedure only includes lash lift without tint.



Lash Tint $15 | 20 min

This procedure only includes tint without the lash lift! Say bye bye to mascara!



Brow Tinting  $15 

Darken your eyebrows! The darkening of the hair will provide more definition and emphasis to your appearance. Keep your eyebrows on fleek!

Brow Lamination $70 

Get that "fluffy brow" look with a Brow Lamantion. It gives you perfect styled brows by maintaining their freshly brushed shape. Also includes brow tinting.